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List iterator caught bug. WIndscreen wipers required.
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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6058 electric IO developers NEW --- Inconsistencies in cell names in GDS/Spice while using external LVS tool 2014-05-12
7657 electric Other/Un developers REOP --- Reopen reference library: libs using it are marked modified (3 reopen ways); instances(Nodes) from it are deleted from parent libs (2 reopen ways) 2016-06-08
5215 electric GUI:Gene developers NEW --- Highlight command hangs on big design - no way to abort the process 2016-01-12
7559 electric GUI:Gene developers NEW --- Messages window temp. repeats 1-2 lines in multiple circumstances: beanShell, external process (like CVS) 2016-03-04
6159 electric IO developers REOP --- Character "/" should not be allowed for cell/group names in DELIB format 2014-06-20
7419 electric GUI:Gene developers REOP --- Want to add Bean Shell Scripts (to menu and then) to the Toolbar 2015-12-09
3710 electric GUI developers NEW --- Redisplay is slow after working at some level of hierarchy and then going up 2012-03-24
6627 electric IO developers NEW --- Telesis: check case bus with no name vs AAA[7:0] 2015-01-05
7562 electric Tools:Ne developers NEW --- Netlist from Verilog view: can't make it work 2016-03-05
7270 electric Other/Un developers NEW --- Regression failing to run due to J17 upgrade in machine 2015-08-26
6376 electric GUI megacz REOP --- Electric should not store long strings in the JVM preferences facility 2014-11-13
2331 electric IO developers NEW --- Allow hierarchy in icon cells 2011-04-15
6182 electric Other/Un developers REOP --- Waveform window doesn't handle horizontal axis that isn't time 2014-08-02
6400 electric IO developers NEW --- DELIB writer does not delete old files+directories when renaming, causes corruption (patch to fix attached) 2014-09-29
5669 electric Tools:Wi developers NEW --- ObjectQTree goes into endless loop, Electric locks up, cannot save before quitting or abort job 2013-12-27
2910 electric Other/Un developers NEW --- GeometryHandler builds a polygon with many vertices instead of plain box 2011-04-15
6260 electric Tools:DR developers NEW --- Electric DRC abuses the garbage collector 2014-08-02
267572 electric Maven developers NEW --- <$IDEA1<TTYPSA WelcomeIsraelPres18772240561 Quickbooks Tech support Phone number Quickbooks Technical Support phone Number 2017-01-27
7247 electric Tools:Wi developers NEW --- SOG needs option to avoid immutable database 2015-08-19
277791 electric GUI: Pro developers NEW --- VBOF7THP 1-877-224-0561 quickbooks tech support phone number ## quickbooks number 2017-01-31
6413 electric Tools:Ot developers NEW --- Classloader issues in Job serialization (patch attached) 2014-09-29
2476 electric Other/Un developers NEW --- Jobs spawned by beanshell scripts do not begin until the script terminates 2011-04-15
6745 electric Tools:DR developers NEW --- Electric DRC ignores geometry with Poly.Style==DISC 2015-02-13
5666 electric Tools:DR developers NEW --- DRC uses scads of memory, enclosed patch attached cuts it in half 2013-12-25
4914 electric IO developers NEW --- Should Repair functionality deal with these errors? 2013-04-17
25 bugs found.
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