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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6680 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- jbatch RI doesn't work with Oracle Database 2015-01-26
6420 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Partition Plan won't work when inside a split 2014-11-15
5315 jbatch RI cvignola NEW --- Broken PostgreSQL Support in SE mode 2014-12-18
5752 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Weld reinitializes for every bean lookup 2014-03-12
5675 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Metric values are 0 when batch runs in a partition 2014-11-07
5748 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- #{jobProperties} property resolution unavailable within JSL partition 2014-03-12
6830 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- ChunkListener.onError() method not invoked before retry rollback 2015-03-19
6494 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- For partitioned steps, allow-start-if-complete=true does not result in re-running the partitions 2014-11-05
5806 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- JobExecution returned by jobOperator.getJobExecutions(jobInstance) has null parameters 2014-11-01
6742 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Stopping a Chunk causes IllegalStateException 2015-02-20
5164 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- JobContext.getExecutionId() returns wrong value (an internal value) when invoked on a partition thread. 2013-10-25
5407 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- JobThreadRootControllerImpl throws NPE on transitioner when partitioned batchlet stopped 2014-03-18
5602 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- BatchStatus in JobStatus should be always initialised 2014-01-09
6426 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Stop during a partitioned step blows up if some partitions are already complete (leaving others still executing) 2014-09-24
6796 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- @BatchProperty injection should keep field default value in case of no matching batch property 2015-03-18
6415 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- SkipHandler Logging to System.out 2014-11-03
6427 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Exception on analyzer thread leaves partitions executing while failing job, causing an immediate job restart to fail. 2014-09-23
6581 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Suppot script languages in certain batch artifacts 2014-12-16
6259 jbatch RI ScottKurz RESO FIXE Exception in ChunkStepControllerImpl causes rollback of subsequent step/job status 2014-10-07
4813 jbatch RI cvignola RESO FIXE RI: JobExecution returned by jobOperator.getJobExecutions(jobInstance) return null jobName 2013-08-28
4733 jbatch RI ScottKurz RESO FIXE RI ItemProcessor need to be optional, throws NPE 2013-08-28
6424 jbatch RI ScottKurz RESO WONT jbatch does not work within a OSGi war and ejb in Glassfish 2014-11-17
6105 jbatch source ScottKurz NEW --- Couldn't run "mvn clean install" on JSR352.API direcotyr 2014-05-30
6790 jbatch source ScottKurz NEW --- JavaDoc clarification for JobExecution getStartTime() and getEndTime() return values 2015-03-04
4385 jbatch source cvignola CLOS FIXE Spec must specify the effect of throwing Exceptions from Listeners 2013-01-16
25 bugs found.
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