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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7290 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- parallel processing for processors 2015-09-05
5386 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Consider allowing decision as first execution element within job. 2015-10-01
4762 jbatch source cvignola RESO WONT SPEC - Property resolution 2013-03-16
4565 jbatch SPEC cvignola RESO WONT SPEC Use diagrams instead of text based flows 2015-09-03
7292 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz RESO WONT chains support 2016-03-16
7287 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz RESO WONT Add a HTTP API on top of JobOperator 2016-03-16
6234 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Add @Documented meta-annotation to BatchProperty definition 2014-07-14
6828 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Change the words "SkipListener" and "RetryListener" to specific listener names 2015-03-19
4829 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE SPEC - add BatchException as common base class 2013-08-28
5382 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Support common java types in @BatchProperty injection 2015-10-08
4800 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE Code notes from the TCK 2013-03-19
5218 jbatch source cvignola RESO WONT Add generics where it makes sense 2013-08-28
7289 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Implicit conversion in chunk steps 2015-09-05
4552 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE Mention examples of implementation-specific loaders 2013-01-25
4773 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE SPEC - Thread Context Class Loader should be bullet 3 2013-03-12
6975 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Clarify timepoint and status of job when JobListener#afterJob() is called 2015-05-05
5926 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- add attribute to job xml partition element to enable distributed/clustered execution 2016-01-13
6790 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- JavaDoc clarification for JobExecution getStartTime() and getEndTime() return values 2015-09-03
4826 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE SPEC - StepExecution.getUserPersistentData() vs StepContext.getPersistentUserData() 2013-08-28
4542 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE Merge examples of merge=false would be helpful 2013-01-25
7479 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Disallow certain characters in job, step, flow, split & decision id string values 2016-01-12
7291 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Bean Validation integration 2015-10-06
4743 jbatch source cvignola RESO FIXE SPEC - Refer to where the checkpoint-algorithm is defined 2013-03-16
6155 jbatch TCK ScottKurz RESO FIXE ExternalizableString requires a no-args constructor 2015-09-03
6825 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Step failed with <fail> element not restartable 2016-02-10
25 bugs found.
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