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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5779 jbatch TCK ScottKurz NEW --- DeciderTests#testDeciderTransitionFromSplitAndAllowRestart incorrectly sets restart parameters 2015-03-03
6457 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- On retry with rollback, we only want to process the most recent chunk with item-size = 1, even with custom checkpoint algorithm 2015-01-05
5583 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- CheckpointAlgorithm needs to specify timeunit (seconds) and other javadoc fixes 2014-01-09
5748 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- #{jobProperties} property resolution unavailable within JSL partition 2014-03-12
5602 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- BatchStatus in JobStatus should be always initialised 2014-01-09
5375 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Spec contradicts itself when talking about uninitialized exit status (TCK assumes 'null') 2014-03-24
5416 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Require artifact loading via CDI when CDI is "available" (beans.xml is present)? 2013-11-08
5655 jbatch TCK ScottKurz NEW --- ChunkTests for skipping writes don't go far enough 2014-03-12
5919 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Spec doesn't fully describe PartitionPlan override and the use of PartitionMapper 2014-04-07
6426 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Stop during a partitioned step blows up if some partitions are already complete (leaving others still executing) 2014-09-24
5780 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Spec should clarify StepExecution values passed to Decider on a restart 2014-02-13
5690 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Flow/Split transitioning & termination not fully defined 2014-01-14
6587 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Consider clarifying when ChunkListener#onError() is called 2014-12-16
5806 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- JobExecution returned by jobOperator.getJobExecutions(jobInstance) has null parameters 2014-11-01
5701 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Support @BatchProperty injection on method, not just field 2014-01-10
5370 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Spec is unclear whether JobOperator methods may/must execute synchronously or not (with TCK implications) 2014-01-09
6702 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- skip and retry for exceptions from chunk listeners 2015-02-03
6703 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- To clarify the behavior after skip-limit and retry-limit are exceeded 2015-02-03
5533 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- stop/end/fail exit-status should affect job exit status, not step (as claimed in spec). 2014-02-13
5372 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Evaluation order of multiple transition elements 2014-01-10
6742 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- Stopping a Chunk causes IllegalStateException 2015-05-11
5373 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Co-existence of transition elements with @next attribute PLUS behavior if no transition element @on is matched 2014-03-24
6490 jbatch SPEC ScottKurz NEW --- Add an API to get StepExecution for individual partitions 2014-11-01
5407 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- JobThreadRootControllerImpl throws NPE on transitioner when partitioned batchlet stopped 2014-03-18
6494 jbatch RI ScottKurz NEW --- For partitioned steps, allow-start-if-complete=true does not result in re-running the partitions 2014-11-05
25 bugs found.
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