Bug 4156

Summary: what does buffer-size=0 wording mean?
Product: jbatch Reporter: ScottKurz
Component: sourceAssignee: cvignola
Status: CLOSED FIXED    
Severity: trivial CC: issues, kmukher
Priority: P5    
Version: 1   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   

Description ScottKurz 2012-09-28 14:30:25 UTC
Already sent this to 'issues' list..

I'm calling this severity=trivial...  but since we don't have a whole lot of educational language in the spec (in contrast to purely functional/declarative)... it might be nice to be clearer here (unless it's just me who doesn't get this):

Under "buffer-size" it says: 
  A buffer size of 0 is appropriate for transactional resources - e.g. a JMS reader.  
Not trying to nit pick... I'm just trying to understand what we're trying to say here..

It sounds like you're saying that there's no way to rollback the read?        So... how is buffering vs. not buffering the writes making this situation any better?

Aren't you just as unable to rollback the one message that you've read vs. multiple messages?

Comment 1 cvignola 2012-10-05 21:39:01 UTC
buffer-size=0 means do not buffer reads.  Buffering reads is not necessary for transactional readers, such as JMS.  I will improve the description in the spec.
Comment 2 kmukher 2012-11-28 21:52:27 UTC
What is the difference between buffer-size=0 and 1?
Comment 3 cvignola 2013-01-16 17:23:05 UTC
buffer-size was removed