Bug 4749

Summary: SPEC - Decision availability
Product: jbatch Reporter: mminella
Component: sourceAssignee: cvignola
Severity: trivial CC: issues
Priority: P5    
Version: 1   
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Mac OS   

Description mminella 2013-03-08 22:41:06 UTC
In section 8.5, the spec states that a decision may follow a step, flow or split.  Is there a reason for it not to be able to follow another decision?  Also, I'm assuming a decision can be the first step in a job, yet this section only discusses that it follow others.  This should be clarified.
Comment 1 cvignola 2013-03-11 15:23:40 UTC
Yes, a decision may follow a decision or be first. While being first is pathologicical IMO,  there is no reason to disallow it.  Note the StepExecutions[] array would be empty.  But so what.  Updated in PFD v1.6.
Comment 2 cvignola 2013-03-13 00:23:58 UTC
Not updated in PFD v1.6 - probably v1.7.
Comment 3 cvignola 2013-03-20 03:18:13 UTC
Ok, I have to retract my position on this.  After further reflection, the decider accepts StepExecutions as input, which therefore implies as a matter of contract that a step executed prior to the decision receiving control.  If a decision is the first execution element in a job or follows another decision, the notion of step is lost and the contract does not make sense.

A future revision could introduce an additional decider signature appropriate for a decider that is invoked without being preceded by a step.