Minutes of JSR 348 Working Group
9 September 2011

Meeting details



Public Review ballot status

Patrick reminded EG members that the Public Review Ballot closes on Monday at midnight, and encouraged them to vote before then, particularly if they will be traveling to New Jersey for next week's f2f meeting.

Maintenance Release proposal

We reviewed the new Issue Tracking and Maintenance Release language in the updated Process Document. The following suggestions for additional changes were made. Patrick agreed to log these and to suggest language to implement them. Eduardo will then implement, and we will close these issues.

Categories of Membership

We reviewed and approved the latest draft of Notes on categories of Membership. Patrick will update the issues with suggested wording.

Other open issues

We reviewed the other open issues, agreeing that for many of them we will need to have additional discussion at the f2f meeting next week. Patrick will update them with input from today's discussions where appropriate.

During the discussion we agreed that some issues (for example, Should the Process Document specify what is appropriate for a Maintenance Release?) would be better addressed not in the Process Document but in a non-normative "Guidelines" document (perhaps the Spec Lead Guide, or perhaps a similar document targeted at EC members or the general JCP membership. Patrick agreed to open an issue to address this (even though, strictly speaking, this is outside the scope of JSR 348.)

We agreed to open a new issue to address the Unresponsive Spec Lead section of the document. We need to ensure that the new process does not permit the Spec Lead role to be seized from an individual or organization who is unwilling to cede control.

Next steps

Next week we will meet during the f2f meeting in Jersey City. We will meet the following week (September 21) at 8:00 am. During that meeting we will conduct a final readiness check, and will review our remaining open issues. These will be resolved (if simple) or deferred (if not.)