Minutes of JCP.next Working Group Meeting
25 May 2011

Meeting details




The Expert Group's working style

We reviewed and discussed the proposals made at last week's meeting. The following decisions were made:


We discussed the JSR's schedule, noting that our goal is to complete the JSR before the October elections.

The JSR proposal includes this schedule (the precise dates for the Final Approval Ballot have been added to ensure that this completes before the elections.)

Aligning currently-scheduled EC meetings (to which the Working Group will report) with these milestones suggests the following schedule:

We agreed that if necessary the proposed merge of the two ECs could be broken out from JSR2 into a separate JSR (1.5) This would separate it from the complex JSPA revisions, potentially enabling it to be completed sooner.

Transparency plan

Patrick demo'd the java.net Project that he has created for this JSR. It contains the following features:

We discussed the possibility of requiring that people become formal "Observers" of the JSR348 Project before being able to perform certain actions. While we see some value in requiring java.net registration, we see no need to require any further "commitment" to obtain full access to the collaboration features. However, in order to allow EC members time to get approval or the java.net terms of use we decided to start with very liberal access (anyone can read and download, only registered java.net users can write to the forum, EG members will be automatically subscribed to the Experts alias and will be able to write to it.)

Next week's meeting

Assuming that the JSR is approved, next week's meeting will be a full Expert Group meeting. All EC members (that is, all members of the Expert Group) are encouraged to attend.