Minutes of JCP.next Working Group Meeting
18 May 2011




JSR submission

We briefly reviewed the JSR1 submission for the benefit of new members.

The Expert Group's working style

We agreed that we would need to form a Working Group. It was suggested that this be chaired by Mike DeNicola. We agreed that it would be advantageous if a core group of members attended most Working Group meetings, but recognized that intevitably (and desirably) there would be other EC members who would attend occasionally.

We decided that we would rather operate by consensus (defined as general, but not necessarily unanimous, agreement) than by voting. We recognized that some items would be controversial, and that we may not be able to achieve unamimity.

We will report back regularly to the full Expert Group (all EC members) and will expect them to follow - and ultimately to approve - our work.

We decided to create a single read/write alias on java.net to allow public visibility into, and participation in, our work. People will need to apply for membership of this alias, so that we can guard against spam and abuse.

Next steps

We agreed to meet weekly. We set a goal of finalizing our working style and process proposals for presentation and approval at the June 7 EC meeting. We agreed that additional meetings of the full Expert Group will be needed if we are to complete our work in time. (In other words, the scheduled EC meetings will not be sufficient.) We also agreed that additional f2f meetings of the Working Group will be needed. Patrick will create a Doodle poll to work out where and when.

Next meeting

Wednesday May 25, 8:00 am Pacific time.