JSR 358 IP Working Group Meeting Minutes
for October 24 2013


Thursday 24 October 2013, 1:00-2:00 pm PDT






We reviewed version 8 of the IP Flow document and agreed that it is a reasonably complete and concise representation of what we have discussed and decided so far. Patrick agreed to publish it again, and to ask EC members to review it (with their lawyers if necessary) and to provide feedback within the next month or so.

Anil suggested that perhaps we could use a Wiki to provide the feedback. Patrick responded that we could use the Wiki on the JSR 358 java.net project for this purpose, or alternatively we could use the Issue Tracker. (Or indeed a threaded discussion.) Steve Wolfe expressed a preference for simple email. Patrick noted that any email responses should be sent to the Experts mailing list (experts@jsr358.java.net) in order to ensure that we meet our transparency requirements (mail sent to that list is automatically mirrored to the this will be copied to the Observers mailing list). He agreed to ask what members would prefer.

Patrick reported the he and Don had met with Jim Wright (Oracle's Open Source Officer) to discuss our broader IP and licensing proposals. He hoped Jim would be soon be able to join us at a meeting to provide feedback on those proposals.

We then reviewed our Issue List. We noted that we are already addressing the majority of items on the list, and that many of the others are low-level or procedural, and can be addressed during the drafting process. We did identify the following items which we thought would merit further discussion:

We agreed to meet next week to discuss these items.