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      From my email:

      I am using the web based forum mainly because replies are immediately visible.
      If you use a mail client, like H sometimes does, it takes a while
      before the replies are visible on the forum. However, it seems I cannot change
      the threaded view to e.g. a flat list of chronologically ordered posts and it
      is driving me crazy.

      Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it is very hard to figure out which ones
      are the most recent posts. For example, go to the phoneME Advanced forum

      And try to figure out the last post in the WINCE501bException thread.

      Clicking on the user name who last sent a message does not work. If you click
      on the WINCE501bException link, you end up at the top of page 1 of the thread.
      If you click on [Last post] in the top bar at the right, you definitely do not
      get the last post.

      Now try to find the last but one post. Is it on page 1 or page 2? Your guess
      is as good as mine.

      Can I change the view somehow?


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