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Automatic PPR stops working in jdev 11.1.2.x when using an af:exportCollectionActionListener


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      JDev on Win7 64bit


      Consider the following use case (based on the HR schema):
      On onr page a master form is shown with details as a table on the same page. The details should be expoerted to Excel using an af:exportCollectionActionListener.

      Page layout: Departments used as form on a page with navigation buttons, below the department form are the Employees of the department as table in a af:panelCollection with an af:menu in the 'menus' facet of the af:panelCollection.

      When navigate over the departments, the table of Employees changes according to the department shown in the form.
      Now open the 'Options' menu of the af:panelcollection and select the 'Export to Excel' menu. This exports the employees of the department into a file and sends it to the client. This all works OK.
      Now, if you click on the navigation button on the Department form the UI doesn't get updated any longer. The department and employees displayed stay the same until the next full page refresh (e.g. F5).

      Using JDev this I can't reproduce this behavior. Here the navigation and refreshing the UI works OK even after exporting the data using the af:exportCollectionActionListener. The navigation on the master still takes place, only the UI doesn't reflect the changes.

      The attatched zip file contains two workspaces: ExportExcelApp11gR1 containing the workspace and ExportExcelApp11gR2 containing the workspace. Both are using the HR schema so you need to change the JDBC settings according to your environment.

      After loading the workspace comiple both projects and run the 'view1.jspx' page in the view controller project. Navigate over the departments and then export the employees table of on department. After that navigate to the next or previous department. Using the new department and its employees are shown, using the page shown the department and employees selected for export.


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