Interop between Java and Microsoft COM

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  • Bug COM4J-33 unable to generate definitions
  • Task COM4J-45 [PATCH] Support Double conversion from Holder in StandardComMethod.getDefaultConversion()
  • Bug COM4J-80 Caused by: com4j.ComException: 80040154 CoCreateInstance failed : Class not registered : .\com4j.cpp:153

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  • Bug COM4J-83 28/Mar/14 Feature Request: Need 64-bit Support. OSX Lion Java 7 only comes in 64-bit Flavor, need com4j.jar to be compatible with 64-bit
  • Bug COM4J-70 20/Oct/13 Java deadlock appears sometimes after a big number of call (in a single ComThread)
  • Bug COM4J-64 08/Oct/13 Unable to handle the type (IDISPATCH)*

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