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ValidateHandler / ConvertHandler need to process inner tags


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      In Shale Commons Validator, there is a validator that is used like this:

      <val:commonsValidator ...>
      <val:validatorVar name="minlength" value="4" />

      The <val:validatorVar> provides an argument for the validator, similar to an
      attribute or facet.

      This doesn't work when I made the approprioate TagHandler's for commonsValidator
      and validatorVar.

      com.sun.facelets.tag.jsf.Validator handler's apply() method looks like this:

      public final void apply(FaceletContext ctx, UIComponent parent)
      throws IOException, FacesException, FaceletException, ELException {

      if (parent == null || !(parent instanceof EditableValueHolder))

      { throw new TagException(this.tag, "Parent not an instance of EditableValueHolder: " + parent); }

      // only process if it's been created
      if (parent.getParent() == null) {
      // cast to a ValueHolder
      EditableValueHolder evh = (EditableValueHolder) parent;
      ValueExpression ve = null;
      Validator v = null;
      if (this.binding != null)

      { ve = this.binding.getValueExpression(ctx, Validator.class); v = (Validator) ve.getValue(ctx); }

      if (v == null) {
      v = this.createValidator(ctx);
      if (ve != null)

      { ve.setValue(ctx, v); }

      if (v == null)

      { throw new TagException(this.tag, "No Validator was created"); }

      this.setAttributes(ctx, v);



      Since the nextHandler is never applied it appears all child tags of the
      validator will be ignored. In my case the TagHandler for val:validatorVar didn't
      seem to be invoked. Unfortunately, apply() is a final method so this behavior
      cannot be overridden in a subclass that handles the commonsValidator tag. The
      solution, which I have found to work, is to add

      nextHandler.apply(ctx, parent);

      right after


      The tag handler for val:validateVar can then get the parent UIComponent's
      validators, get at the last one, then modify the validator's configuration.
      This works after the above change.

      For completeness, I should mention that ConvertHandler probably has the same
      problem. I am not too sure where to apply the next handler, here is my guess:

      this.setAttributes(ctx, c);

      // Added here!!
      nextHandler.apply(ctx, parent);

      Object lv = vh.getLocalValue();
      FacesContext faces = ctx.getFacesContext();
      if (lv instanceof String)

      { vh.setValue(c.getAsObject(faces, parent, (String) lv)); }

      Right now Shale Commons Validator doesn't use any child tags for converters, but
      it's possible that some other tag library might, so the ConvertHandler should
      probably be fixed for completeness.


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