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f:phaselistener re-registered on every validation error


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.1.14
    • Fix Version/s: 1.1.15
    • Component/s: jsf
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      Dear All,
      I had much troubles with a (before render response) phaselistener registered to
      my facelets view using the <f:phaselistener> tag. It was called multiple times
      although registered only once. As I unsuccessfully spent hours to search on the
      web for such an issue I started to debug the facelets view root and found out,
      that whenever I submit the facelets view with invalid content (validation
      fails) it jumps to the render response phase, but my phaselistener is suddenly
      registered one more time. I.e. when I first view the facelets page my
      phaselistener runs only once as it is only registered once in the view root.
      When I then submit with invalid input and the validation fails, it goes to the
      render reponse phase again and suddenly my phaselistener ist called twice (as
      it is now registere 2 times in the view root). Whenever I repeat submitting
      invalid values and validation fails, the registration count of my phaselistener
      is incremented (i.e. 3 times after my 2nd attempt to submit invalid
      values...and so on).
      I do not think this is wanted, and also could not find any documentation about
      this behaviour. To me it looks like a defect. Am I right?
      Thank you, Rainer Podlas

      (in the meantime I do not registere it for the view with the f:phaselistener
      tag, but instead perform the lifecycle registration via config, but anyway it
      would be great if it works properly via the tag)


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