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Docs and downloads are gone: Is the project dead?


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      Hi, Michael!

      I don't know how to contact you elsewhere, so I'll write my message here

      I have managed to download the docs and the jars for genesis, and started using it this week in my organisation. I have to say it's revolutionizing the way we do architecture with Swing.

      It's a tragedy that nobody is maintaining Genesis anymore. After doing weeks of research, I have found no other decent (and actively supported) Swing framework except maybe Griffon, and we can't use Griffon.

      The programming model you've created with Genesis binding is very similar to the one I'm used to doing web programming with Tapestry 5. Both frameworks enable the developer to cleanly separate UI code from business logic, without introducing framework dependencies in Java code. I LOVE easily testable POJOs doing my GUI controllers and business logic

      What is the reason for not supporting the framework anymore? Lack of demand? Or did you switch jobs and don't have the time anymore?

      The framework itself still works very nicely. The only thing missing today is a proper website with downloads and documentation and preferrably the jars in a maven repo. If the framework had a proper infrastructure restored, it would be possible for developers like me to contribute in small steps when needed...

      Thanks for an awesome framework that is making my working life a lot more fun!



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