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Windows bundle: consider pre-installing UC toolkit packages


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      In an effort to greatly streamline the installation of GlassFish on Windows,
      consider pre-installing the UC packages in the v3 for Windows
      .exe bundle. This opportunity came up again during evaluation of the following
      issue where the dynamic installation of UC packages was causing hangs during the
      GF initial installation process:

      Pre-installing the UC packages at the factory would increase the overall
      size of the .exe download bundle, but since the download hit would be taken once
      during initial download of the bundle, the user experience could be
      significantly improved as opposed to having the user go through two
      download stages out of the gate.

      Note from Snjezana:

      The suggestion of prebundling UC client for Windows specific installer bundles
      is valid RFE but does require significant changes to GlassFish build process
      since we would need to fork the additional assembly of Windows specific
      installer payload file which would contain UC client in addition to existing

      We would presumably also need to preserve current .exe distributions without UC
      client since the initial download size of the .exe bundle with UC client would
      ironically still be smaller than the size of corresponding zip bundle due to the
      fact that we can use jar compression in installer bundles.


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