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asadmin stop-local-instance does not stop instance with outstanding ejb invocation


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1
    • Fix Version/s: future release
    • Component/s: ejb_container
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      Operating System: All
      Platform: Linux


      I have a distributed cluster (1 das and 3 instances) all on separate machines.
      I deploy a ejb web app to the das and cluster. I then send post messages to the
      das and each instance which initiates all the instances to start sending
      messages between each other. After 15 seconds I issue a asadmin
      stop-local-instance to the second instance. The command returns with the following:

      Waiting for the instance to stop
      Timed out (60 seconds) waiting for the domain to stop.
      Command stop-local-instance failed.

      I then issue asadmin list-instances clustername and get back:
      ins01 running
      ins02 not running
      ins03 running

      I then issue asadmin get-health clustername and get back:
      ins01 started since Thu Sep 23 11:29:58 PDT 2010
      ins02 started since Thu Sep 23 11:29:58 PDT 2010
      ins03 started since Thu Sep 23 11:29:57 PDT 2010

      After this I try to connect to the HTTP port of ins02 (using a browser) and get:
      Unable able to connect.

      The whole time while this situtation was going on I used a script to
      monitor the pids of all the java processes on the machine for ins02 and what I
      noticed was that I saw the process for the stop-local-instance start and end but
      never did the appserver terminate.

      Looking in the DAS server log, I was able to determine that the test running
      on ins02 finished it's work and sent a message to the das indicating such.

      From all this information it appears that the appserver (ins02) was partially
      shutdown via the stop-local-instance but that the GMS process and the ejb
      container were not stopped and continued to run leaving the appserver in a
      inconsistent state.

      Debugging this issue is currently blocked as a result of the limited information
      contained in the server log. See dependency bug

      1. clientside_output.rtf
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        Stephen DiMilla
      2. pidmonitorscript_and_output.rtf
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        Stephen DiMilla
      3. shutdown_jstack.out
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        Joe Fialli

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