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<table-generator> defined under the <id> tag should probably override the @TableGenerator Annotation defined on an Entity Class.


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      Glassfish V2 Build 24.

      As per Section
      "The id subelement [of <entity><attributes></attributes></entity>] overrides the
      mapping for the specified field or property."

      Please note that the overriding rules for the elements under the <id> subelement
      are not defined by the spec.

      TableGenerators are global to a persistence unit (as per sections 9.1.38, and As a result, a table generator defined using
      <entity><attributes><id><table-generator> in a xml mapping file, can be used by
      other entities in the same persistence unit.

      Therefore, the provider must allow a table generator defined by using
      <entity><attributes><id><table-generator> to override a table generator of the
      same name defined by using the @TableGenerator Annotation on the Entity class
      (as opposed to the id field/property).

      This currently results in a Validation Exception that describes a conflict in
      Table Generator names between annotations and the xml mapping file.

      A test case is attached to this bug to illustrate this. To use the test, define
      a environment variable S1AS_HOME that points to glassfish installation dir. Run
      the test by invoking "ant se-java2db" from the command-line.


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