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Regression: Weaving attempted in Glassfish embedded even though supposedly disabled


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1_dev
    • Fix Version/s: 3.1_dev
    • Component/s: entity-persistence
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      Weaving is apparently disabled-or at least that's the intent-in Glassfish embedded.

      However, when I use the embeddable Glassfish APIs, documented at, it appears that weaving is attempted.

      I have an EJB project set up with a persistence unit in it. So, some classes are EJB interfaces, others are EJB implementations, and others are entity classes. There is a META-INF/persistence.xml file in there. javax.ejb.embeddable.EJBContainer deploys this "archive" fine.

      I've recently switched over to using the Glassfish embeddable APIs instead, since they are more robust (they support remote EJBs among other things). I've made no other changes.

      At test time, I get the exception message detailed by this bug:

      That is, EclipseLink 2.2.0 is attempting to invoke a weaving-supplied method, even though weaving is disabled.

      I suspect that something about the way weaving is "disabled" is not in fact fully disabling it.

      In point of fact, I would like weaving to be ON. But I understand that this is an issue with an embedded API.

      I can work around this issue if I explicitly set weaving to be off in my persistence.xml file:

      <property name="eclipselink.weaving" value="false"/>

      ...but I'd rather not do that.


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