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      glassfish mq jmsra


      [Converting this to a blanket issue to cover all the changes to the JMS-related man pages]

      Original issue:
      "asadmin -help configure-jms-cluster displays option [-force=


      asadmin --help configure-jms-cluster displays

      configure-jms-cluster [--help]
      [--dbvendor database-vendor]
      [--dbuser database-user]
      [--dburl database-url]
      [--property property-list]


      The --force option has been removed and asadmin still shows it.

      Review wiki page comments from sarada_k:

      Following are the Comments for man pages:

      1. configure-jms-cluster

      Under Options->clustertype, it should be configstoretype instead of configstorstype


      Under Options, remove -T option

      3. create-jms-host

      create-jms-host doesn't work without mqusername & mqpassword options. So example needs to be updated with those options. Are they part of passfile???

      4. delete-jmsdest

      remove -T option under Options


      remove -T option under Options

      6.jms-ping, create-jms-resource etc

      I am seeing the connector statements printed along with jms statements. I am not sure if they should be included in the examples.

      For example:
      intg-v60x-1# ./asadmin jms-ping
      JMS-ping command executed successfully
      Connector resource test_jms_adapter created.
      Command jms-ping executed successfully.


      remove -T option under Options

      8.I am also seeing "This subcommand is supported in remote mode only" for most of the jms commands. Is it jms REMOTE mode or something completely different? If it is jms REMOTE mode then the comment should be removed for most of the commands.

      Review wiki comments from sats_i

      1. change-master-broker
      Its probably worth mentioning here that by default the master broker is the first configured instance in the GF cluster

      2. configure-jms-cluster
      Remove the --force option. This is no longer valid.

      3. create-jms-resource/delete-jms-resource/list-jms-resources:
      config is not a valid target type. Valid targets for these commands are - server, domain, cluster_name, instance_name

      Email from mathim:

      Adding to Sarada's Comments.

      change-master-broker : It is mentioned that this command is supported only in remote mode. Are you referring to Message Queue mode in glassfish (as in Embedded, Local, Remote)? If not please explain what this refers to. If so it may not be true. This command works with other modes as well.

      configure-jms-cluster :
      1) The --force option has been removed from the command.
      2) This command also mentions that it is supported only in remote mode. Please clarify this


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