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GMS1077 gms total message size is too big (default max is 4MB) is repeated in server log



      An attempt to send a message larger than GMS max message size results in repeated reporting of the WARNING
      in server.log.

      Here is sample message:
      [#|2011-02-22T17:06:00.412-0500|WARNING|glassfish3.1|ShoalLogger|_ThreadID=24;_ThreadName=Thread-1;|GMS1077: total message size is too big: size = 12,584,300, max size = 4,196,352|#]

      [#|2011-02-22T17:06:00.548-0500|WARNING|glassfish3.1|ShoalLogger|_ThreadID=32;_ThreadName=Thread-1;|GMS1077: total message size is too big: size = 12,584,366, max size = 4,196,352|#]



      A workaround exists if the default max gms message size is too small.
      To create a cluster with a larger max message size, use the following command:

      % asadmin create-cluster --properties "GMS_MAX_MESSAGE_LENGTH=8200000" theClusterName


      To increase the max message size for an already created cluster, use the following command with cluster running.

      $ asadmin set
      Command set executed successfully.

      After setting the value, stop the cluster and DAS domain, then restart the DAS and the cluster with the new settings.


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