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glassfish-naming module hard dependency on corba


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      I was looking at the use-case to see if we can reduce GlassFish Web Profile to a Tomcat like distribution.

      I had the following packages (plus pkg/updatetool packages):

      felix 3.0.8-0 installed ----
      glassfish-common 3.1-43 installed ----
      glassfish-grizzly 1.9.31-1 installed ----
      glassfish-grizzly-full 1.9.31-1 installed ----
      glassfish-hk2 3.1-43 installed ----
      glassfish-jcdi 3.1-43 installed ----
      glassfish-nucleus 3.1-43 installed ----
      glassfish-web 3.1-43 installed ----

      Packages I would have liked to remove:
      glassfish-corba-base 3.1.0-27 installed ----

      When I try to remove glassfish-corba-base package, I see dependency from glassfish-commons to glassfish-corba-base package.

      [nazrul-islams-macbook-pro:~/3.1-web/glassfish3/bin] nazrul% ./pkg uninstall glassfish-corba-base
      Creating Plan -pkg: Cannot remove 'pkg:/glassfish-corba-base@3.1.0,0-27:20110215T070738Z' due to the following packages that depend on it:

      For running servlet/JSP, I don't see the reason why we need glassfish-corba-base package. Dependency from glassfish-commons seems wrong. Please investigate how we can fix this runtime dependency.

      I'm not sure that glassfish-naming needs to depend on omgapi. glassfish-naming does depend on a number of org.omg
      APIs, but these should all be present in the JDK. JTS is the main reason that there is a dependency from the web distribution to glassfish-corba-omgapi.

      As far as web container dependencies on CORBA bundles I deliver to GlassFish, the following are required:

      • glassfish-corba-omgapi, which provides the enterprise versions of the org.omg.* APIs, and it needed for JTS.
      • glassfish-corba-internal-api, which provides the IIOP failover APIs needed in naming (and this one is just 7K)
      • glassfish-corba-codegen, which is needed for remote EJB wrapper class generation
        o dependency: glassfish-corba-orbgeneric, which provides some basic library code
        o dependency: glassfish-corba-asm, the ORB's renamed version of ASM (this could be elminated)

      glassfish-corba-orb (the largest ORB bundle), glassfish-corba-csiv2-idl, and glassfish-corba-newtimer (I think)
      are only used in the glassfish distribution.



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