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Add administration and management capabilities to support PaaS deployment


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0
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      Add administration and management capabilities to support PaaS deployment:

      • P1: Admin command interception for managed services/resources: All the administration operations/commands on a managed entity(such as a cluster provisioned by the orchestrator) must be intercepted by the Orchestrator. The orchestrator will decide whether to allow or disallow these operations. (For example, orchestrator might not allow 'asadmin stop-cluster' on a managed cluster). Moreover, orchestrator might need to perform some additional tasks (eg: for book-keeping purposes) during the command execution on a managed object. Admin Infrastructure must wrap all the commands on the managed object to go to Orchestrator first.
      • P1: Additional asadmin commands: Implement admin commands for create/delete/list global services in a domain. The command implementation will internally invoke the plugin to do the needful. Plugin might internally use IaaS APIs, various existing glassfish commands to perform the task. Implement admin command to import/provision an external service into a domain.
      • P1: CLI/GUI to show all provisioned/shared services for a particular deployed application: Orchestrator, with the help of plugins can determine implicit service requirements or use default service requirements or use shared services in order to satisfy an application's various service requirements. There needs to be an administrative interface (eg: CLI) to show the list of all services used by a particular application. eg: The State of the service(started/stopped/stopping/starting) can also be shown. In case of partial undeployments, some services might be in deleted state.
      • P1: CLI/GUI to show the list of managed applications that share a particular services: A CLI command to list all applications that use or is bound to a global/shared service or an external service.
      • P2: Logging Orchestrator actions to aid troubleshooting: Since a PaaS-style deployment would entail a lot of Orchestrator operations (such as Template Matching, Service Provisioning, Service Assocation), it is imperative that the Orchestrator logs all its actions to enable offline troubleshooting.
      • P3: Monitoring probes: Expose monitoring probes for various Orchestrator functionalities
      • P3: Health check - service: Ability to perform a health-check on a particular Service (eg: ping)
      • P1: GUI (admin console) requirements: For example, a GUI option for PaaS style deployments, creating and registering Service Templates are suggested requirements on the admin console.

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