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"description" elements in glassfish-resources.xml not moved to "description" fields in domain.xml


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      For application/module resources files (glassfish-resources.xml) located in either the "META-INF" or "WEB-INF" directories of war, ear, or ejb projects, the DTD at:

      Specifies that the "description" must be a subelement of many of the elements (not an attribute). Specifically the "property" element has a description subelement possible.

      However, the domain.xml file requires that the description be an attribute. This relates to issue GLASSFISH-16630 which is marked as "Won't fix". If we accept that we will not fix this because it causes problems migrating configuration from glassfish 2.x to 3.x, then at least when a project is deployed that has application/module resources, the "description" element should be copied into the "description" attribute.

      One of the great benefits of the new portable JNDI namespaces and application resource files, you can now modify an application/module resource inside the of the Glassfish Admin site without redeploying or packaging the application. However, it gets very confusing when your configuration properties do not have a description associated with them.


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