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Key: GLASSFISH-18662
Type: Bug Bug
Status: In Progress In Progress
Priority: Minor Minor
Assignee: Mike Fitch
Reporter: lb54
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[UB] default index.html in upgraded domain shows wrong version number

Created: 26/Apr/12 07:43 AM   Updated: 01/Apr/13 04:26 PM
Component/s: docs
Affects Version/s: 3.1.2_b23, 3.1.2
Fix Version/s: 4.0.1

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Win 2008, Update from GF 3.1.1 to 3.1.2

Tags: index update updatecenter upgrade
Participants: Bobby Bissett, lb54, Mike Fitch and Tom Mueller

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It would be very nice, if the Update to a next Glassfish-Version overwrites the Version in the index.html of the DAS and instances.
Situation today: Updating a GF Server does not write the new Version of the Glassfish in the index.html which is shown on HTTP Port. It is very irritating, if you actually updated the GF and the http://localhost:38080/ Site says it is still the old version.


Bobby Bissett added a comment - 26/Apr/12 01:35 PM

I know that this is surprising to the user (and, thus annoying), but there really isn't a workable fix from discussions we've had about this previously. I thought there was already a closed issue on this in Jira, but I can't find it now.

Everything under domainX/docroot belongs to the user, and in any production system where static content would end up being displayed, the index.html page should be replaced by a site's home page. If there's an app deployed to /, some "Application will be available shortly" kind of message should be there instead. So the contents of that index.html file could be anything. Replacing it would be trivial since the server could just copy the one from gf/lib/templates/docroot, but knowing when to copy it is impossible. The server would have to keep a copy of every version of index.html that had been the default in previous ones, and check them all against the current one. And if the user changed it in any way, there could still be old references to the version in there since it wouldn't be replaced. There's always the chance that the user didn't want it replaced anyway since this is static content.

Making this worse, it's a valid upgrade path to start a 3.X domain in a 3.X+1 server without ever running asupgrade or "asadmin start-domain --debug" – a 3.1 domain should not need to be upgraded to run with a 3.1.1 server. So the code that parses the index.html file would need to run on every startup, thus affecting startup time for something that may never need to actually happen.

So I hope you can see that it's not really a simple matter. Conceivably there could be some other startup option like --upgrade-docroot that overwrites the file, but if a user actually remembered such a detail then s/he could just do a 'cp' instead.

I'm not a member of the GF team anymore, so I can't change the resolution of this issue, but wanted to share my comments about it. Maybe you can think of a solution that's eluded me! Will be transferring to someone else to see how this issue should be handled.


Bobby Bissett made changes - 26/Apr/12 01:35 PM
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Tags update updatecenter index index update updatecenter upgrade
Bobby Bissett added a comment - 26/Apr/12 01:37 PM

Hi Tom,

Sorry to bother you, but can you take a look at this and see if a decision needs to be made about closing it or trying some fix? I don't want to assign it to another category (eg admin) to change owners, because other people have thought of this and it'd be good to have the issue stay in the 'upgrade' category for future reference.


Bobby Bissett made changes - 26/Apr/12 01:37 PM
Assignee Bobby Bissett [ bbissett ] Tom Mueller [ tmueller ]
Tom Mueller added a comment - 26/Apr/12 02:43 PM

The default index.html is delivered as part of the documentation via the basedocs package. So I'm assigning this to Paul for further consideration.

Due to the problems that Bobby described with being able to actually update the file once it is in a domain, I would recommend that the fix for this should be to change the wording in the default index.html file so that:

  • the version is not in the file, or
  • the wording makes it clear that the version number that is there is the version of the software that was used to create the domain, thus not giving the impression that the version number would be updated when the software is updated.

Tom Mueller made changes - 26/Apr/12 02:43 PM
Summary Glassfish Update: Overwrite Glassfish Version located in index.html default index.html in upgraded domain shows wrong version number
Issue Type Improvement [ 4 ] Bug [ 1 ]
Assignee Tom Mueller [ tmueller ] Paul Davies [ pauldavies ]
Priority Trivial [ 5 ] Minor [ 4 ]
Component/s docs [ 10597 ]
Component/s upgrade_tool [ 10620 ]
Mike Fitch made changes - 09/Mar/13 04:52 AM
Assignee Paul Davies [ pauldavies ] Mike Fitch [ oncered ]
Fix Version/s 4.0_b82_EE7MS7 [ 16111 ]
Mike Fitch made changes - 24/Mar/13 07:16 PM
Status Open [ 1 ] In Progress [ 3 ]
Mike Fitch added a comment - 24/Mar/13 07:18 PM

Removed version information from the default index.html page.

This change will become accessible in GlassFish when the next main-docs build is promoted and picked up by GlassFish builds.

Bobby Bissett added a comment - 25/Mar/13 01:49 AM

Can we also have text in the upgrade documentation (if there still is such a doc – sorry, am out of the loop) that the contents of domainX/docroot are static and aren't changed when a domain is started up by a server other than the one that created the domain?

Mike Fitch added a comment - 01/Apr/13 04:26 PM

Corrections to index.html included in main-docs 4.0_b26, which began getting picked up by GlassFish builds as of revision 61028.

Added [UB] to summary and set the fix version to 4.0.1 so this issue will get picked up by post-4.0 book-issue queries, as there is no Upgrade Guide for the 4.0 Open Source Edition release.

Mike Fitch made changes - 01/Apr/13 04:26 PM
Summary default index.html in upgraded domain shows wrong version number [UB] default index.html in upgraded domain shows wrong version number
Fix Version/s 4.0.1 [ 16061 ]
Fix Version/s 4.0_b82_EE7MS7 [ 16111 ]