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Add proper support for the platform default connection factory with admin tools


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      Java EE 7 spec section EE 5.21 defines a "platform default JMS connection factory". This was implemented in GLASSFISH-18899. This means that a connection factory is now always created by default.

      Here is the automatically-created entry that is now created in domaim.xml:

      <connector-connection-pool max-pool-size="64" name="__DefaultJMSConnectionFactory-Connection-Pool" 
          resource-adapter-name="jmsra" connection-definition-name="javax.jms.ConnectionFactory">
      <connector-resource pool-name="__DefaultJMSConnectionFactory-Connection-Pool"
          jndi-name="jms/__defaultConnectionFactory" object-type="system-all">

      Currently the user will see this in the admin console. The application can look up the default connection factory by using the JNDI name jms/_defaultConnectionFactory (with _ prefix) or using the JNDI name java:comp/DefaultJMSConnectionFactory. However a portable application must use the JNDI name java:comp/DefaultJMSConnectionFactory since that is the name defined in the Java EE 7 specification.

      To avoid confusion, it is desirable if the user didn't actually see jms/__defaultConnectionFactory in the admin console, but saw a special entry which showed the true JNDI name that they need to use.

      Also, the user shouldn't be allowed to delete this connection factory, though they should be allowed to modify it.

      The exact functionality should be decided in conjunction with other interested parties such as the Java EE 7 spec leads and the implementer of GLASSFISH-18899.



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