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Clustered deployment sometimes fails with error "Command disable failed on server instance xxx: remote failure: Application not registered Command deploy failed."


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0
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    • Component/s: deployment
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      Linux, JDK 1.7.0_45


      Sometimes when redeploying an application, the deploy fails with the following error:

      Failure: Command disable failed on server instance xxxxxx: remote failure: Application not registered Command deploy failed.

      Repeated attempts always fail. After the error appears once it seems like nothing can be deployed.

      Sometimes the error is:

      Error occurred during deployment: Keys cannot be duplicate. Old value of this key property, nullwill be retained. 

      Here is the command:

      asadmin deploy --force=true --deploymentorder 300 --target yyyyy 

      Sometimes by trial and error I can get the deploy to work. Here is what I've tried:

      1. Stop the domain then remove the "generated" and "osgi-cache" and re-start the domain
      2. Stop the cluster and the domain then remove the "generated" and "osgi-cache" from the domain and the nodes and re-start the domain and cluster
      3. Undeploy the problem app, then redeploy it. However, sometimes the app is listed as having been un-deployed already and this fails
      4. Undeploy everything that can be undeployed. Manually delete the applications that could not be undeployed via asadmin from the applications folder and manually edit the domain.xml to remove references to those apps.


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