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      The ACC's login dialog is not very smart. To improve it, here are several
      proposals that people might like to see in a future release:

      • The dialog always pops up in the upper left corner of the screen. At least on
        Windows (I can't tell for other desktop environments) this is unusual. To match
        the actual desktop environment's native behaviour as good as possible, I propose
        using setLocationByPlatform(true).
      • A lot of people would be quite happy to have the dialog's username edit field
        defaulted to the operating system's username. It's just so much easier if you do
        not have to repeat your own username all the time.
      • I think it would be very comfortable and do not impose any harm if ACC first
        tries to login using the user's current operating system account and if that is
        rejected, ask for username and password. It's not nice to ask for username and
        password all the time.
      • Reading "Java Look And Feel Design Guidelines Second Edition" might be
        beneficial in completely visually redesigning the dialog: It is just not nice to
        look at. The dialog should be titled "Login" but not "Login for user:" (a colon
        in a title?!), and the labels should just be "Username" and "Passwort" but not
        containt the word "Enter". Also the buttons should not be centered but moved to
        the lower right, and Cancel shouldn't be the larger one. Also it would be really
        nice to have some graphics on the dialog, like the GlassFish logo or (even
        better) the logo found in the client's descriptor. Last but not least, the icon
        shouldn't be the default Java cup.
      • When the password was wrong, it would be good to have some "normal" warning
        message box instead of a stack trace. People getting scared by stack traces and
        call the administrator.



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