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Resolution: Fixed
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Assignee: tware
Reporter: pkrogh
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Created: 23/Mar/06 10:51 AM   Updated: 30/Nov/10 05:19 PM   Resolved: 24/Mar/06 09:16 AM
Component/s: entity-persistence
Affects Version/s: 9.0pe
Fix Version/s: 9.0pe_dev

Time Tracking:
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Operating System: All
Platform: All

Issuezilla Id: 471
Participants: guypelletier, marina vatkina, pkrogh and tware

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Bug number 268 contains eight issues of varying priorties. I will close that
bug as a duplcate of two bugs. This one which will be the P3 issues and
another bug which will be p4 issues.

The issues in this bug Are:
1,4,7,8 from 268.
1. - A fix will be provided in the next CVS drop.
4. - A fix will be provided in the next CVS drop.
7. - A fix will be provided in the next CVS drop.
8. - This exception is intentially ignored.

The descriptions are below.

1. DLS_DEAD_LOCAL_STORE: Dead store to local variable

This instruction assigns a value to a local variable, but the value is not read
by any subsequent instruction. Often, this indicates an error, because the value
computed is never used.[line 667] - args[line 432] - nonSelectionFields[line 768] - sourceKeys[line 96] - args

4. NM_VERY_CONFUSING: Very confusing method names

The referenced methods have names that differ only by capitalization.

7. EC_UNRELATED_TYPES: Call to equals() comparing different types

This method calls equals(Object) on two references of different class types with
no common subclasses. Therefore, the objects being compared are unlikely to be
members of the same class at runtime (unless some application classes were not
analyzed, or dynamic class loading can occur at runtime). According to the
contract of equals(), objects of different classes should always compare as
unequal; therefore, according to the contract defined by
java.lang.Object.equals(Object), the result of this comparison will always be
false at runtime.

At[line 67]
Reference type persistence.antlr.preprocessor.Rule
Reference type java.lang.String

At[line 61]
Reference type persistence.antlr.preprocessor.Rule
Reference type java.lang.String

At[line 88]
Reference type
Reference type java.lang.String
At[line 274]
Reference type javax.persistence.SequenceGenerator
Reference type java.lang.String

8. DE_MIGHT_IGNORE: Method might ignore exception

This method might ignore an exception. In general, exceptions should be handled
or reported in some way, or they should be thrown out of the method.

At[line 337]
Exception class java.lang.Exception

pkrogh added a comment - 23/Mar/06 10:52 AM

These issues to be fixed one next drop.

pkrogh added a comment - 23/Mar/06 10:56 AM
      • Issue 268 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***

guypelletier added a comment - 23/Mar/06 12:11 PM

Item has been added to this issue.

5. MF_CLASS_MASKS_FIELD: Class defines field that obscures a superclass field

This class defines a field with the same name as a visible instance field in a
superclass. This is confusing, and may indicate an error if methods update or
access one of the fields when they wanted the other.

In class oracle.toplink.essentials.queryframework.ObjectLevelReadQuery
Masked field
Masking field

tware added a comment - 24/Mar/06 08:52 AM

Fixed in latest drop

marina vatkina added a comment - 24/Mar/06 09:16 AM

Added build #