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GFv3Prelude: specifying instalation directory: poor user experience


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    • Affects Version/s: V3
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      Platform: Macintosh

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      When installing GFv3 Prelude, the default installation directory
      is $HOME/glassfishv3-prelude. That's cool. But the user experience
      for changing this install location could be better. Of course I
      could type in whatever I want – but that's sooooo 80's.

      For example, let's say I want to install into $HOME/Desktop/glassfishv3-prelude
      and I want to use the "..." file browse dialog. I have to do this:

      1. Click "..."
      2. Navigate to my home directory and select (but not double click) "Desktop"
      3. Click "Chose"
      4. Click the Installation Directory text field
      5. Move my hands to the keyboard and append "/glassfishv3-prelude"
      to the text field.

      If I'm too hasty, and I don't do steps 4 and 5, then I end up with the glassfish
      install spattered over my Desktop. Ugh. The file browse dialog also does
      not give me the opportunity to do a "New" and create glassfishv3-prelude
      while in the dialog. Something that I'm used to seeing in most file selection

      The installer should optimize for the common case, and aid the user in
      avoiding stupid mistakes (like installing directly into Desktop).
      How about his for a heuristic:

      When the installer gets the path back from the file dialog it checks
      if the chosen directory is empty or not:

      If the directory is empty, then use the path unchanged.

      If the directory is not empty, then append "glassfishv3-prelude" to it.
      Since we know it is unlikely the user wants to install into a non-empty
      installation directory.

      In the outside chance the user really did want to install into a
      non-empty directory, then they can adjust the path in the fill-in field
      by deleting the "glassfishv3-prelude".

      So now for my use-case I no longer must do steps #4 and 5, cuz the installer
      has done them for me.

      GlassFish Version: V3Prelude B25
      Mac OS X: 10.5.4 intel



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