1. imageio-ext




GDAL supports reading of several subtypes of NITF image files, and writing simple NITF 2.1 files. NITF 1.1, NITF 2.0, NITF 2.1 and NSIF 1.0 files with uncompressed, ARIDPCM, JPEG compressed, JPEG2000 (with Kakadu or ECW SDKs) or VQ compressed images should be readable. Other compression mechanisms are not supported at this time. The read support test has been tested on CIB and CADRG RPF products. Color tables for pseudocolored images are read. In some cases nodata values may be identified. In theory all input pixel types except 1bit are supported, but only 8bit and 16bit types have actually been tested. Lat/Long extents are read from the IGEOLO information in the image header if available. If high precision lat/long georeferencing information is available in RPF auxilary data it will be used in preference to the low precision IGEOLO information. In case a BLOCKA instance is found, the higher precision coordinates of BLOCKA are used if the block data covers the complete image - that is the L_LINES field with the row count for that block is equal to the row count of the image. Additionally, all BLOCKA instances are returned as metadata. Most file header and image header fields are returned as dataset level metadata