Change Log

A list of released versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.
  • No issues
    0.7 Public Review
    Release Date: 24/Oct/13
  • No issues
    Release Date: 22/Sep/13
  • No issues
    Release Date: 09/Sep/13
  • No issues
    0.4-EDR1 EDR 1
    Release Date: 30/Apr/13
    No issues
  • No issues
    0.3 Stabilized release before EDR.
    Release Date: 15/Mar/13
  • No issues
    0.2.0 Artifact structure consistent with other JSRs
    Release Date: 06/Feb/13
  • No issues
    0.1.0 Initial transient release after first wave of redesign from Joda Money.
    Release Date: 13/Jan/13