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      In JSF 2.0 a PreRenderViewEvent was added that is published just before a view is rendered, but there's no corresponding event published just after rendering a view.

      There are several alternatives for this, but none of them is really perfect. A per-view PhaseListener can be used, but it fires relatively early and sticks around after a post-back which may be undesirable. A global PhaseListener that picks up a delegating listener in request scope is another option that does work, but is not as intuitively clear (we use this approach in OmniFaces' CallbackPhaseListener).

      I therefor propose to add a PostRenderViewEvent that is published right after a view is rendered.

      Among the use cases for such an event is doing per request clean-ups; for instance a view scoped backing bean where a value is set such that for one particular request an item is rendered with some emphasis and then after the first post-back rendered normally again.

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