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      cat2 renderkitdoc size_small importance_small


      I think the handling of column classes of the h:dataTable is not consistent.
      Looking at the code on the calling page, you have the 'columnClasses' attribute
      on the one side and h:column tags within the xhml body on the other side. Both
      should correspond to each other, especially because the data type displayed in
      the column and it's visual style are closely connected (e.g. you would
      right-justify a number type and display booleans as a checkbox-like symbol).

      I now you decide, that you want to use the 'rendered' attribute on some of the
      h:column subelements to temporarily hide those columns, the mapping between
      columns and its style class should not be lost. But this is the case with the
      current implementation.

      A static columnClasses attribute should do and should stay consistent with the
      static h:column tags in the xhtml code. The dynamic behaviour should happen on
      the serverside, rendering subsets of the given columns should also consider the
      right subset of the given columnClasses.

      Note that instead of putting comma-separated styleClass names into the attribute
      of the h:dataTable the spec could also allow to put them as a single-valued
      styleClass attribute directly into the corresponding h:column subelement – the
      whole issue would not exist then.

      So IMHO it's an unnecessary implementation effort to constantly supply an
      appropriate sublist (also needed to be converted to a comma-separted string) as
      a dynamic 'columnClasses' attribute to h:dataTable.

      [see also JSF-2-RI issue 1258 at – Contrary to
      my misleading comment there this not a matter of whether PPR/ajax is used or not]

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