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      From the mail "State saving of UIViewParameter" on jsr-314-open:

      UIViewParameter uses the submittedValue to store its value in the state for the
      next postback, because obviously the view parameter won't be in the request
      parameter map of the next request (which is the postback). But because its
      submittedValue is null after the conversions and validations, it has to be set
      again before the state is generated. To accomplish that, the spec currently
      states to override encodeAll() and make the call to setSubmittedValue() there.
      In addition, encodeAll() has to be called in UIViewRoot.encodeEnd() for every
      UIViewParameter in the view. This works perfectly for normal requests, but when
      you are using an AJAX request the state is generated before
      UIViewRoot.encodeEnd() is called an thus the submittedValue for every
      UIViewParameter is null in the state. This means that the value of every
      UIViewParameter will be null in the following request.

      Now the easiest solution to this problem, which I also already committed to
      MyFaces trunk (again see [1] for details), is to do mostly the same as in
      UIViewRoot.encodeEnd() just also in PartialViewContext.
      processPartial() when the PhaseId is RENDER_RESPONSE before the state is
      generated to make it work for AJAX-requests.

      However I don't really like this solution, because we have to think of handling
      UIViewParameters in a special way every time we change something on any render
      mechanism. Why don't we just override saveState() on UIViewParameter and set the
      submittedValue there before the state is saved. This will have the same result,
      but without the code in UIViewRoot, PartialViewContext and
      UIViewParameter.encodeAll() and without future headaches. I also already
      uploaded a patch for this to the MyFaces issue at [1].

      Answer to this from Martin Marinschek: "This is just a so much better solution
      . We should spec this one."




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