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Reporter: Ed Burns
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Create a logo for the JSF Specification

Created: 19/Apr/11 09:56 AM   Updated: 08/Nov/13 09:15 PM
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6. JavaServerFaces10.1.png
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7. JavaServerFaces11.png
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9. JavaServerFaces15.png
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10. JavaServerFaces16.png
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11. JavaServerFaces7.png
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12. JSF Logo Samples-01.png
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13. JSF Logo Samples-02.png
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14. JSF Logo Samples-03.png
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15. JSF Logo Samples-04.png
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16. JSF Logo Samples-05.png
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17. JSF Logo Samples-06.png
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18. JSF Logo Samples-07.png
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19. JSF Logo Samples-08.png
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20. jsf-white-bg.png
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21. JSF.jpg
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22. jsf.png
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23. JSF.png
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24. jsf_1u0.png
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26. jsf_draft4.png
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27. jsf_icon.png
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28. jsf_icon2.jpg
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30. jsf_logo_0.png
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31. jsf_logo_preview_by_gb.png
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32. jsf_logo_source_model2.png
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33. Logo2JSF.png
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34. LogoJSF.png
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Status Whiteboard:

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Participants: 8bit, adonis.raduca, afibarra07, andy_bosch, Antonio Goncalves, arungupta, bkummel, catalean, celeraman, dboldureanu, Ed Burns, gerhard_petracek, GuidoLux, i_oss, Jakob Korherr, luisalves00, Lynx6, Marek Piechut, Mark Struberg, Masoud Kalali, Matt Benson, mdirkse, Moonstarsun, myfear, Rafaelonca, sombriks, TitanVex and wzberger

myfear added a comment - 20/Apr/11 10:37 PM

There was some time and I thought I make some proposals

myfear added a comment - 20/Apr/11 10:38 PM

And the next two. Looking forward to comments and ideas!

bkummel added a comment - 21/Apr/11 12:44 AM

Nice proposals so far. I hope to find some time to create something too. One remark: isn't the official spelling "JavaServer Faces"? (Camel Case, with no space between "Java" and "Server".)

dboldureanu added a comment - 21/Apr/11 01:01 PM

An idea inspired by the issue tracker

celeraman added a comment - 21/Apr/11 03:44 PM - edited

My humble contribution to this great project. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

GuidoLux added a comment - 22/Apr/11 06:14 AM

Hi, <jsf /> is my humble contribution. I used the font Neuropolitical found on which is free to use.
The logo doesn't look good but if you click on it it will hopefully display correctly.
Good luck to everybody!

Moonstarsun added a comment - 22/Apr/11 10:20 AM

Giving this a s shot =)

Rafaelonca added a comment - 22/Apr/11 02:30 PM

Hello guys, here is my small contribution to the JSF logo.
I had some doubts about the colors, just sending you several options.

I hope you liked the idea.

Please comment! (:

bkummel added a comment - 24/Apr/11 06:19 AM - edited

I didn't have much time, but I posted this rough version with the diagonal "wave" flowing upwards from the j to the f. I think the color of this version is nice, but this logo can easily used with any dark color. The shadow may be tweaked too. The benefit of this logo is that I think that it can be used as "favicon" for the JSF website too. (I.o.w.: it should be possible to create a fairly good looking low-res version of this one.)

Ed Burns added a comment - 25/Apr/11 06:14 PM

Yes, the correct wording is JavaServer Faces. If you submitted an entry with different wording, don't worry. I'll assume you'll fix the wording if you logo is selected. In other words, existing entries with incorrect wording do not need to resubmit.

celeraman added a comment - 25/Apr/11 09:09 PM

Now with the words 'JavaServer' and 'Faces'. Playing with the colors a little bit because many color patterns can be applied. It could also be reduced to that faces of geometric shapes and JSF letters...
Comments and suggestions are welcome!

wzberger added a comment - 26/Apr/11 12:17 PM

Here's my draft - just like in programming tried to keep things simple.

TitanVex added a comment - 26/Apr/11 12:25 PM - edited

Various Color Schemes included. All colors can be changed/rearranged.
Within the logo, you can find a J, S, and F, though seamlessly integrated into an attractive fan-esque creation.

Lynx6 added a comment - 26/Apr/11 03:57 PM

JSF is a nice option. My proposal is this.

Write in English is more difficult than read, but I'm improving...

TitanVex added a comment - 26/Apr/11 06:16 PM

More designs with similar color schemes. Once again, all colors and layouts are easily manipulated.

gerhard_petracek added a comment - 27/Apr/11 09:57 AM

#1-#3 designed by Adonis Raduca

gerhard_petracek added a comment - 27/Apr/11 09:59 AM

#4-#6 designed by Adonis Raduca

gerhard_petracek added a comment - 27/Apr/11 10:00 AM

#7-#8 designed by Adonis Raduca

Lynx6 added a comment - 27/Apr/11 03:58 PM

Another design, the base color is the same...

TitanVex added a comment - 28/Apr/11 09:16 PM

Here are 2 more contributions. All of my logos do have meaning behind them as well. They are not random.
As usual, I have my go-to color scheme, but all colors can be changed easily.
I also added very subtle stylized effects to these 2 submissions. More or less can be done.
Thank you very much.

luisalves00 added a comment - 29/Apr/11 01:37 AM

vote for 32 (don't know if it's the colors but it looks nice) and 10.

mdirkse added a comment - 29/Apr/11 09:35 AM - edited

LogoJSF.png gets my vote

Ed Burns added a comment - 29/Apr/11 09:38 AM

Please vote by filename, since I'm told the attachment numbers can change.

i_oss added a comment - 29/Apr/11 09:43 AM

My favorite so far: 20 = jsf-white-bg.png: very high recognition value, while still being clean, and it will also work on b/w (without the shadows)!

Minor changes I would propose - as the creator, is open to that -:

  • remove the dot of the "j", which gives it even more of the wave/upward trend
  • use less shadow (or none)
  • for the non favicon case, extend the area under the logo, and add "Javaserver Faces", this would also make it possible to use a straight J (just like the for the f)
  • use another color, blue is the yesterdays orange, which is the tomorrows darkgreen

andy_bosch added a comment - 29/Apr/11 11:38 AM

I vote for: 16. JSF Logo Samples-05.png

arungupta added a comment - 29/Apr/11 11:48 AM

JSF Logo Samples-03.png (with just the main face and possibly JSF written in a different font)

in that order.

Mark Struberg added a comment - 29/Apr/11 11:57 AM

I like the JSF Logo Samples-01.png

Antonio Goncalves added a comment - 29/Apr/11 12:02 PM - edited


Marek Piechut added a comment - 29/Apr/11 12:17 PM

My vote goes for 34(LogoJSF.png), 2(2.png) is second.

Masoud Kalali added a comment - 29/Apr/11 01:28 PM

I would vote for jsf_icon2.jpg which is #28

afibarra07 added a comment - 29/Apr/11 01:35 PM

Number 12 (JSF Logo Samples-01.png) and 20 (jsf-white-bg.png)

Matt Benson added a comment - 29/Apr/11 01:59 PM

I vote for:

11. JavaServerFaces7.png (I like the unification of cups/java and faces), then
22. jsf.png (good to see Duke again)

sombriks added a comment - 29/Apr/11 02:09 PM

my vote goes to #27

8bit added a comment - 29/Apr/11 02:14 PM

Because we had so many good entries, I'm going to defer my decision until some more people have weighed in.

gerhard_petracek added a comment - 29/Apr/11 02:34 PM

i would vote for #12 (JSF Logo Samples-01.png)

Jakob Korherr added a comment - 29/Apr/11 02:51 PM

+1 for JSF Logo Samples-01.png

catalean added a comment - 01/May/11 11:30 PM

I like very much #12, JSF Logo Samples-01.png, so +1 for that one.

adonis.raduca added a comment - 03/May/11 09:48 PM

Because I saw some interest regarding (#12 - JSF Logo Samples-01.png) logo, here are some considerations about it:
The face-shaped coffee coup represents both Java (the coffee coup) and the JSF (the smiling face).
The colored sticks inside coffee coup represents the diversity, the myriad of options associated with JSF ecosystem (plugins, components libraries, different implementations … we can even associate with a server-side cluster structure)