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Key: JAX_WS-564
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Resolved Resolved
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: ramapulavarthi
Reporter: jfdenise
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Watchers: 1

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WS-A faultTo added reference parameters namespaces are not handled properly

Created: 15/May/08 11:54 PM   Updated: 09/Nov/11 01:28 PM   Resolved: 09/Nov/11 01:28 PM
Component/s: runtime
Affects Version/s: 2.1.4
Fix Version/s: 2.2.6

Time Tracking:
Not Specified


Operating System: All
Platform: Sun

Issuezilla Id: 564
Tags: metro2_0-waived metro2_1-waived
Participants: jfdenise, jitu, Martin Grebac, ramapulavarthi, ramapulavarthi and scm_issue_link

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wsa:replyTo added ReferenceParameter elements namespace(s) declarations is(are)
not added to the response.

jfdenise added a comment - 15/May/08 11:56 PM

I meant wsa:faulTo.

jfdenise added a comment - 16/May/08 05:03 AM

Actually it applies to both faultTo and replyTo.

jfdenise added a comment - 19/May/08 02:15 AM

In addition, if the element contained in the referencecParameters is of type
QName, the namespace of its value must also be declared.
EG: <toto:MyQName>myns:MyValue</toto:MyQName>
In this example, toto and myns must be defined.

jitu added a comment - 19/May/08 11:59 AM

Assigning it to Rama

ramapulavarthi added a comment - 19/May/08 06:29 PM

Can you attach a test case with environment details.
I tried to reproduce the issue but could n't. Is your server Provider, if so
which type? Also is your service implementation throwing the exception? A test
case would help me quickly reproduce the problem. Thanks.

jfdenise added a comment - 20/May/08 01:24 AM

This is very difficult to extract . We are in a very specific context. I can
provide you with the request that is sent by the client. The server is a
provider annotated as follow :
public class JMXWSManServiceEndpoint

The client request :

<env:Envelope xmlns:env=""

<wsman:Selector Name="Name">bc3</wsman:Selector>

Let me know if you want more information (we are using JAX-WS 2.1.4).

scm_issue_link added a comment - 03/Jul/08 11:42 AM

Code changed in jax-ws-sources
User: ramapulavarthi
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/epr/issue564/test.bsh (1.1)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/epr/issue564/test-descriptor.xml (1.1)

JAX-WS-564: Adding testcase for issue564

scm_issue_link added a comment - 03/Jul/08 12:00 PM

Code changed in jax-ws-sources
User: ramapulavarthi
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/epr/issue564/test1.bsh (1.1)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/epr/issue564/test-descriptor.xml (1.2)

JAX-WS-564: Adding Stream Message testcase for issue564

scm_issue_link added a comment - 03/Jul/08 12:36 PM

Code changed in jax-ws-sources
User: ramapulavarthi
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/wsa/submission/fromwsdl/issue564/server/AddNumbers.wsdl (1.1)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/wsa/submission/fromwsdl/issue564/server/ (1.1)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/wsa/submission/fromwsdl/issue564/test-descriptor.xml (1.1)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-unit/testcases/wsa/submission/fromwsdl/issue564/test.bsh (1.1)

JAX-WS-564: Adding end to end WSA testcase for issue564

scm_issue_link added a comment - 13/Aug/08 07:18 PM

Code changed in jax-ws-sources
User: ramapulavarthi
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-ri/rt/src/com/sun/xml/ws/message/stream/ (1.4)
/jax-ws-sources/jaxws-ri/rt/src/com/sun/xml/ws/encoding/ (1.7)

JAX-WS-564: A fix related to writing the inscope namespaces. This should fix StreamHeader.writeTo().
The fix for Reference Parameters in ReplyTo/FaultTo EPR is yet to be done and requires changes in Streambuffer impl or WSEndpointReference Impl.

ramapulavarthi added a comment - 22/Oct/09 05:39 PM

This happens when the ns decalrations for the reference parameters is on
top-level elements that the refereceparameter itself. WSEndpointReference is
optimized using XmlStreamBuffer and xsb is not capturing the ns declarations on
the parent and hence lost during the writing of same buffer as reference
parameters in response.

The fix should be made in xmlstreambuffer or remove the use xsb for reference

Adding keyword metro2.0-waived as this is little uncommon case.

jitu added a comment - 06/Oct/10 01:30 PM

Setting target milestone to 2.2.2

ramapulavarthi added a comment - 19/Nov/10 02:33 PM

Either xsb needs to handle this or changing the WSEndpointReference implementation to not use xsb needs lot of changes and risky to change now.
Waiving for this release.

ramapulavarthi added a comment - 30/Jun/11 07:16 PM

Fixed in JAX-WS 2.2.6 with the integration of xmlstreambuffer 1.3 that has fixes for

Log Message:
JAX-WS-957, JAX-WS-958: Integrating xmlstreambuffer 1.3 that has fixes for processing inscope namespaces when XMLStreamReader and SAXBufferProcessor is created from the buffer with inscope namespcaes.

Modified Paths:

Tests added for this issue:
Log Message:
Issue fixed in xsb 1.3, Fixing the tests to verify as per the differences in w3c and member versions

Modified Paths:

Martin Grebac added a comment - 09/Nov/11 01:28 PM

Marking as resolved based on latest comments.