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hi how to i post issues in the forum


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      I thought this should be the way to post issues with the forum and since your
      name begins with abeginner ,i assume beginners like me assign things to you !
      Well i am thankfull to all who had contributed and thinking of java as a
      desktop tool is a cool feature ! I was embedding jdic browser in a notes form
      in the form of applet ! notes has this weired formula language ...which can
      change on refresh ....what i am trying to do is based on a field in notes form
      the value of the field change based on the user input and based on it the url
      is set to the browser ! everything was fine except if the refresh happens !
      when refresh happens the applet is not reloaded (i understand that ) and the
      jvm instance is still alive ....but the applet is disposed and reloaded and
      cannot attach the available browser instance in the memory ! Also when the form
      in domino is closed the applet is disposed off....but the browser instance
      (IeEmbed.exe) invoked still resides and it won't go off untill notes client is
      completely shut down and restarted ....is there a way to unload the invokation
      on exit programatically than to allow the OS to work on that
      thanks and hope some one will reply .....i did try dispose() in old
      version ...removeNotify() etc but nothing took the instance out and as long as
      it is there frequent loading of the same is not possible ...
      thanks for the help in advance


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