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      JMS topics and queues both have names that are accessible with getTopicName() and getQueueName(), but for applications where the type of destination (topic or queue) is configurable - which I would consider a good application - it's difficult to get the actual destination's name.

      An ugly typecast or something similar must be used:

        public static String getJMSDestinationName(Message msg) throws JMSException
          Destination origDest = msg.getJMSDestination();
          if( origDest==null ) return null;
          if( origDest instanceof Topic) {
            return ((Topic)origDest).getTopicName();
          else {
            return ((Queue)origDest).getQueueName();

      What I'm proposing is simply a common Destination.getName() method so this code becomes nicer:

        public static String getJMSDestinationName(Message msg) throws JMSException
          return msg.getJMSDestination().getName();

      The implementation of Destination.getName() is trivial for Topic and Queue.

      I can understand the objection of saying: "'Destination' is just a marker interface and JMS abstracts from the actual topic/queue name, these names shouldn't matter."

      But then, why is there getQueueName()/getTopicName() in the first place?

      I find this name very useful in order to debug or sort message streams into buckets and it would be nice if this name will be simpler to get by.


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