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add a prefixing mechanism for @Embedded


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      Currently working with @Embedded is not really user friendly. If you have multiple Embedded fields in an Entity, then you need to excessively use @AttributeOverrides to use them. This is not only a real nightmare to write down, but also an absolute pain when it comes to refactoring or if you just add or remove a column.

      It gets even worse if you have a nested @Embedded structure!

      The solution could be to allow specifying a 'prefix' as JDO knows it for years.

      Let's first look at the Embeddable

      public class Address {
        private String name1;
        private String name2;
        private String street1;
        private String street2;
        private String zip;
        private String tel;
        // ... + getters and setters

      (please let's not argue about whether this should better be stored 1:n but just take it as sample for now)

      Then we look at a possible solution with the prefix:

      public class Customer {
        private Address serviceAddress;
        private Address billingAddress;
        private Address physicalAddress;

      You all know what pain it is to do the same in JPA right now ...


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