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      If I was trying to create a GUI for performing unit conversions between any two
      units of the same quantity, I would need to create a list of all quantities.
      However, I don’t see any mechanism in your API to get a list of available
      quantities. I do see that I can list out all of the units from the
      SystemOfUnits class so I thought I would list out each unit and then get the
      Quantity for each one to build my own list. However, I don’t see how I can get
      the Quantity string name for a given Unit instance.

      My second problem is that I would like to present the user with a long name of
      each unit in addition to the abbreviation or symbol. However, I don’t see any
      mechanism in your API to get a long name of a Unit instance. Like I want to
      display “meters� instead of just “m�.

      Am I missing something?

      Need a getQuantites() method somewhere to list out all Quantities supported by
      the API
      Need a Unit.getQuantity() method so the Quantity supported by a given Unit
      instance can be discovered
      Need a SystemOfUnits.getUnitsForQuantity(Quantity q) method so all the Units
      that support the specified Quantity can be discovered
      Need a Unit.getSymbol(), Unit.getName(), Unit.getDescription(), etc to get more
      metadata about each Unit. Not sure if this should be in the UnitFormat or not,
      be it should be somewhere.


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