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      A member can miss all face-to-face meetings and still retain voting privileges. Face to face meetings provide the heart of the EC. Some of these suggestions were made back in Seoul. These address Face to Face meetings specifically.

      30-39 - It is still possible for a member to skip all F2F meetings, or call into a F2F and go on mute. Solutions:

      • explicitly allow (require?) Individual Members to provide an alternate for in-person F2F meetings (member can still call in)

      PC> This has always been permitted (Doug Lea had an alternate, for example.) We can certainly "encourage." Please log an issue.

      • miss two consecutive F2F meetings, lose voting privs

      SS> I believe that's two meetings, not two F2F meetings.

      PC> ??? This is what the document says today.

      • miss 2/3 of F2F meetings, lose EC membership

      PC> Interesting. Are you suggesting that missing 2/3 of meetings cumulatively should be sufficient to lose the seat? Sounds worth discussing. However, you'd need to specify when this kicks in. (If I'm elected in October, attend November and miss December and January have I already lost my seat?) Please log an issue if you think this is important.

      SS> 2/3 of F2F meetings over two years?

      (SS from original comment) Note that there is really no excuse for a corporate member to not be able to find an alternate within their corporate ranks. Harder for an individual, but still possible if individual is allowed to produce an alternate from individual JCP membership.



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