following are minor changes per email correspondence from Patrick today.

      standing rules:

      27/28 - redundant, and discourages use of rules when they should be used. strike last sentence and replace with "In certain situations it may be necessary and appropriate to resort to formal procedure when attempts to achieving progress via informal agreement have failed."

      PC> Agreed. Please add to the Minor Changes issue.

      110 - Replace "in the extreme and undesirable case, an EC member may not vote at all" with "EC Members should make every attempt to vote."

      PC> Sounds reasonable to me. Please add to the Minor Changes issue.

      119 - add to this, words that record not only the result, but which way each EC Member voted.

      PC> Agreed, and this was the intent. Please add to the Minor Changes issue.

      143 - record not just totals, but who voted which way.
      and from the Process Document:
      828 - results must include how each member voted.

      PC> Agreed, as stated above. Please add to the Minor Changes issue.

      Process Document review

      line numbers: JCP-2.8-21SEP2011-Redlined.pdf

      220-222 Strike last sentence. It appears to discuss "private information" in a paragraph about "Confidential materials". It also encourages private operation by an EG.

      PC> I'm OK with striking the sentence - it doesn't add anything significant.



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