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Comments on the Standing Rules from Anish Karmarkar


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      All line numbers reference the "clean" PR draft


      Lines 20-21

      Anish points out that it's unclear whether the 14 day limit for publishing minutes is for the approved minutes or for the preliminary draft minutes.

      Good point. Two weeks is a bit tight to draw up the minutes, publish them, and get them approved. We could say they must be published and approved within three weeks. (That would still be a bit tight.)

      Lines 29-31

      We need to deal with the case where a JSR ballot is in progress when someone loses their voting privileges. Saying "loss of future JSR ballot and EC voting privileges" fixes this, I think. We should also clarify that once a member loses their voting privileges they cannot make motions or second.

      Lines 62-63

      Anish says "I don't understand lines 70-71. What is it that it is trying to say? Is it saying that JSR ballot votes/comments are to be made public before the vote closes?"

      I don't understand this either. Given our new transparency requirements I think we could just delete this fuzzy statement.

      Appendix B

      Anish suggests referencing lines 110-111, to clarify how the majorities are calculated. Now that I think about it, we don't have a similar definition for a 2/3 majority. We might want to simplify 110-111 by simply stating that only votes cast are counted and by not defining the math used to calculate a majority.(Do we really need to define "simple majority?"

      Lines `105-106 "Electronic ballot periods last 7 days except where noted otherwise in this document."
      Line 128 "The duration of the ballot is 14 days"

      Strictly speaking, no contradiction since we say "unless where noted otherwise" but nevertheless a bug. I think we should stick to 14 days (our current practice.)

      Also, note that we need a space before "Electronic ballot periods"

      Finally, note that the use of the term "electronic ballot" here is the kind of thing I was talking about in issue http://java.net/jira/browse/JSR348-57 This really should be "electronic vote."


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