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Move buildnumber-maven-plugin into a separate Maven profile.


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      The bottom of each Metro download page for a specific Metro version gives a Subversion URL to check out the source code for hacking/debugging our web services. For example, bottom of here: tells us to run "svn export -r 7272 metro-sources". However, we cannot presently build the project via "mvn clean package" or import the project into our Eclipse IDE via "mvn eclipse:eclipse" because of the buildnumber-maven-plugin defined in metro-sources/pom.xml. Unless I comment out that plugin, I get this error:

      "[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:buildnumber-maven-plugin:1.0-beta-4:create (default) on project metro-project: Cannot get the revision information from the scm repository :
      [ERROR] Exception while executing SCM command. svn: '/media/work1/blog-samples/metro-sources' is not a working copy"

      If I comment-out this plugin, the build works fine. I suspect this plugin is primarily for the Oracle team when they're making their new releases, not for the ordinary users who want to debug their Metro web services using Metro sources. I recommend placing this particular plugin in a new Maven profile, inactive by default, so your Oracle team can activate the profile for your work while letting the regular community run "mvn clean install" etc. to quickly get the sources built. Thanks!



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