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glassfish jms create-jmsdest failed against LOCAL brokers


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0-RI (Sprint 7 - 25)
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    • Component/s: mq-ra
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      I found a issue in jmsra when I test MQ-251 that the create-jmsdest doesn't work on a target of LOCAL broker.

      1. Create a glassfish cluster with 2 instances.

      asadmin create-cluster cluster1
      asadmin create-local-instance --cluster cluster1 --systemproperties HTTP_LISTENER_PORT=1111:HTTP_SSL_LISTENER_PORT=1112:IIOP_SSL_LISTENER_PORT=1113:IIOP_LISTENER_PORT=1114:JMX_SYSTEM_CONNECTOR_PORT=1115:IIOP_SSL_MUTUALAUTH_PORT=1116:JMS_PROVIDER_PORT=1117:ASADMIN_LISTENER_PORT=1118 instance1
      asadmin create-local-instance --cluster cluster1 --systemproperties HTTP_LISTENER_PORT=2221:HTTP_SSL_LISTENER_PORT=2222:IIOP_SSL_LISTENER_PORT=2223:IIOP_LISTENER_PORT=2224:JMX_SYSTEM_CONNECTOR_PORT=2225:IIOP_SSL_MUTUALAUTH_PORT=2226:JMS_PROVIDER_PORT=2227:ASADMIN_LISTENER_PORT=2228 instance2

      2. Change the cluster config to make its jmsservice LOCAL.

      asadmin set configs.config.cluster1-config.jms-service.type=LOCAL

      3. Start the cluster.

      asadmin start-cluster cluster1

      4. Try to create jms destination against the cluster.

      asadmin create-jmsdest --target cluster1 --desttype topic topic1

      The destination cannot be created! I debugged jmsra a little bit, and I see that ResouceAdaptor.getJMXServiceURLList() returns null to the glassfish admin CLI create-jmsdest, then the command failed for not getting the JMX urls of the brokers. By debugging it deeper, I traced that PortMapperTable got entries without JMX url from MQ server.

      cluster_discovery tcp CLUSTER_DISCOVERY 0
      portmapper tcp PORTMAPPER 2601 [imqvarhome=D:\glassfish_trunk\glassfish3\glassfish\nodes\localhost-domain1\instance1\imq,imqhome=D:\glassfish_trunk\glassfish3\mq,sessionid=5525419700564496384]
      admin tcp ADMIN 63100
      jms tcp NORMAL 63099
      cluster tcp CLUSTER 63101

      This happens with cluster only, I tried the same with a local glassfish instance (jmsservice=LOCAL) and it works fine.


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