The Oracle Tools project provides a collection of general purpose low-level Java tools, classes and interfaces for your applications. Included are classes to aid in the configuration and management of multiple runtime instances typically used for testing multi-server, multi-process distributed applications. This work originated from the Coherence Incubator and is now released and developed as an independent standalone library (without requiring Oracle Coherence).

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  • Improvement ORACLETOOLS-7 Add the ability to "terminate" (like kill -9) a running application
  • Improvement ORACLETOOLS-15 Create documentation and tutorials for Oracle Tools
  • Improvement ORACLETOOLS-16 Cleanup JavaDoc for modules

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  • Improvement ORACLETOOLS-83 Last Thursday 12:52 PM ServerSocket connections should not default to LocalHost.
  • Task ORACLETOOLS-70 07/Apr/14 Remove NativeJavaApplicationBuilder, ExternalJavaApplicationBuilder and VirtualizedJavaApplicationBuilder
  • New Feature ORACLETOOLS-95 05/Apr/14 Introduce AbstractDeferred to simplify deferred implementations (especially with Lambdas)

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