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Ajax: Remove ability for portlets to provide resources


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      Reference: Ajax Proposal 2b

      The current proposal allows both the portal and individual portlets to contribute resources for sharing with other portlets.

      There is concern that this may lead to improper behavior if different portlets use the same name for different resources. For example, portlet A might provide a certain library at a certain version level. Portlet B might provide that same library at the same version level, but in reality, portlet B's library might be slightly modified as compared to that from portlet A (a fix or debug code might be added by one portlet but not the other, etc).

      This could potentially lead to a situation where the behavior of the portlets on the page depends on the order in which the portlets appear on the page, or on the algorithm used by the portal for selecting resources when more than one resource of the same name is available. Bugs resulting from such a situation could be very hard to find.

      It might be safer to allow portlets to only specify the resources they depend on. The actual resources themselves would always be provided by the portal - individual portlets would not be able to contribute resources for consumption by other portlets.

      The manner in which resources are configured in the portal would remain unspecified and implementation-specific.


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