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Key: SAILFIN-951
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Resolved Resolved
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Minor Minor
Assignee: chinmayee_srivathsa
Reporter: sankarpn
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[online docs] totalsipdialogs count doesn't increase with failedsipdialogs count

Created: 10/Jun/08 04:17 PM   Updated: 30/Mar/09 04:36 AM   Resolved: 30/Mar/09 04:36 AM
Component/s: doc
Affects Version/s: 1.0
Fix Version/s: milestone 1

Time Tracking:
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Operating System: All
Platform: All

Issuezilla Id: 951
Tags: sf10-fcs-approved sf10-na shark-na
Participants: chinmayee_srivathsa, jagadesh, prasads, sankarpn and Yamini K B

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SailFin B36,

server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-count = 100
server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-description = Concurrent
SIP dialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-lastsampletime =
server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-name = ConcurrentSipDialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.concurrentsipdialogs-unit = count
server.sip-service.session-manager.dotted-name = server.sip-service.session-manager
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-count = 0
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-description = Expired SIP
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-lastsampletime = 1213139135805
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-name = expiredSipDialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.expiredsipdialogs-unit = count
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-count = 100
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-description = Failed SIP dialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-lastsampletime = 1213139135800
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-name = FailedSipDialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.failedsipdialogs-unit = count
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-count = 1
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-description = Successful
SIP dialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-lastsampletime =
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-name = successfulSipDialogs
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.successfulsipdialogs-unit = count
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-count = 1
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-description = Total SIP
dialog count
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-lastsampletime =
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-name = totalSipDialogCount
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialogcount-unit = count
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-count = 4160
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-description = Total
SIP Dialog life time
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-lastsampletime =
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-name =
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-starttime = 1213135761002
server.sip-service.session-manager.totalsipdialoglifetime-unit = count

In the above stats you can see that there are 100 failed sipdialogs and 1
successful sipdialog. But the totalsipdialogs count shows 1 which is equal to
the successful sipdialogs count. I think the totalsipdialogs count should be
equal to successful+failed sipdialogs count

prasads added a comment - 16/Jun/08 03:53 AM

Mark as shark-na

jagadesh added a comment - 06/Aug/08 11:22 AM

"This bug will be scrubbed and will be upgraded for next relevant milestone builds".

prasads added a comment - 14/Aug/08 11:38 AM

Marking all of them as P3

Yamini K B added a comment - 25/Sep/08 10:41 PM

Must fix for FCS.

Yamini K B added a comment - 21/Oct/08 08:41 PM

On analyzing the dialog manager stats and looking at the code:

Concurrent dialogs: Refers to count of dialogs that are registered/stored.
Expired dialogs: Refers to count of timed out dialogs
Failed dialogs: Refers to count of >=400 <700 responses
Successful dialogs: Refers to count of >=200 <300 responses. This includes
Total dialogs: Refers to count of successfully established dialogs.

So the stats would tally up as:
Total = Successful + Failed + Expired - Concurrent

Also, suppose you use 'sipp' client, you will observe that the total-calls will
match with total dialogs.

I've verified these stats under load and they add up fine. Assigning to docs to
update the above info in the admin guide.

chinmayee_srivathsa added a comment - 30/Oct/08 09:26 PM

Does not affect bundled docs.

prasads added a comment - 18/Nov/08 03:37 AM

Adding the key word for approval

prasads added a comment - 09/Jan/09 12:54 AM

"Reclassifying as P4 because these issues are not must fix for SailFin 1.0 release.
This issue will be scrubbed after this release and will be given the right
priority for SailFin 2.0 release."

prasads added a comment - 26/Mar/09 12:47 AM

Reverting back the priority to the original priority

chinmayee_srivathsa added a comment - 30/Mar/09 04:36 AM

The fix for this issue is available at: